Concierges and Doorman

Concierges and Doorman

Our specialized staff will fully cover the daily needs, both in customer service and maintenance, in the company or community of owners. They will guarantee the required works are done asap so that their clients have their needs covered.

Our selective and personalized staff will ensure that you have the ideal profile for the position you need.

Our constant daily supervision of the staff will ensure that they have the support and advice necessary to effectively fulfill their functions to be developed.

Work done by
Concierges and Doorman

  • Receipt of parcels and letters (prior written authorization).
  • Administration and classification.
  • Maintenance of common areas. Both the daily and the punctual.
  • Maintenance work, as long as it does not require technical knowledge. (cleaning, changing a bulb ,etc).
  • Transfer of community waste to the collection area.
  • Knowledge and use of the facilities.
  • Reporting to the president of the community of situations that require action.
  • Control of the proper use of facilities in common areas.
  • Notice to maintenance companies (previously hired by the community).
  • Ensure the proper use and internal order of the facilities.

Customer Support

We are specialists in the correct care in communities of owners and urbanizations. Our workers will make sure that everything works correctly and without altercations.