At APC Global our control assistant service is aimed at all types of clients. For us, the objective is to provide services that are excluded and complementary to those of the Private Security Law. They are included in Royal Decree 2364/1994, the first additional provision, of December 9, which approves the Private Security Regulation.


Our auxiliary services provide our clients with the peace of mind and security that their company or community will be protected effectively. Our staff is fully qualified and will ensure and be in charge of carrying out access control, among other services, ensuring that no one who is not authorized or duly identified can access the designated facilities or areas.


Some of the main functions that our professionals perform, in order to take care of your employees, business and properties, are:

Access point control

Through this control, we verify that only those people who are authorized can access the facilities. The staff must be accredited and authorized to access at the established time. It is a thorough check.

Opening and closing control

We carry out the control of the opening and closing of all accesses to the facilities. Controlled at all times by our team of access controllers.

Control and custody of facilities

We make sure that the facilities are kept in good condition and we give immediate notice in the event of an incident.

Control and custody of reserved areas

We make sure to control and guard the reserved or restricted circulation areas within the facilities. In addition, we make sure of the verification of the correct operation of the same. Only those people who were previously authorized will have authorization to access. They must have accreditation or pass.

In addition to this, at APC Global Security we not only care about the security of our clients, but we also take care of it. We seek to provide you with the management of any other service according to your needs. We can request estimates with third parties and place them at their disposal, in order to provide them with the comfort and ease they want, to adequately carry out future elections in terms of security surveillance services.